Why you should invest in a fitted wardrobe

Designed to work with the contours of any given space, a fitted wardrobe is the best way for you to make the most of each room in your home. Our Neatsmith fitted wardrobes are designed to house everything you need, stored away, neat, tidy and combining practicality, organisation, and style into one built-in feature. It’s important that each wardrobe design fits beautifully into your home’s aesthetic. Offering both classic looks and contemporary designs, there is a Neatsmith style to suit and enhance the interior scheme you are creating.

Keep reading to find out how a bespoke fitted wardrobe can help you.

Increased Storage Space

A fitted wardrobe is built into your room, usually running from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. All this harnessed space translates to maximising storage, allowing you to properly care for and store your clothes, shoes and accessories. Your bespoke design will ensure that you have the right amount of space to store your items while maintaining easy access to everything.

Easier to Keep Organised

With life being busy, streamlining your daily routine can be helpful. Fitted wardrobes are easy to keep organised and tidy, especially with the help of carefully selected wardrobe accessories, and they create a space that is easy for you to manage, even on the busiest of days.

Freestanding wardrobes are often bulky and simply don’t make the most of the space available, resulting in less space to store everything and clutter in the rest of the room when clothes cannot be put away.

They do not Impact the Flow of a Room

The flow and management of space in your room is incredibly important as it affects your enjoyment of spending time in it. With fitted wardrobes being completely bespoke, we can work around any narrow areas with solutions such as sliding doors and create floor-to-ceiling storage that will fit everything you need while taking up less floor space than a freestanding wardrobe. Through the choice of materials, we can either create a show-stopping feature wardrobe or something that completely blends with and complements a minimal and relaxed design scheme.

They Can Fit Inside Awkward Spaces

Some properties, particularly older ones, do have awkward spaces which are at risk of becoming cluttered, unused spaces. You can avoid this by installing a fitted wardrobe within these spaces, such as alcoves or under sloped ceiling areas. These designs can transform unused areas (or often places that attract clutter) into a useful space for clothes or games or other items that you might have. Despite their association with bedrooms, fitted wardrobes are useful all around the house, offering an easy and tasteful solution to dead spaces.

Ideal for Dressing Rooms

Fitted wardrobes are an excellent choice for bedrooms in need of storage space, but they are also the foundation of our dressing room and walk-in designs. Whilst some of our clients opt for open shelves and clothes rails, others prefer the look that fitted wardrobes can provide. Glass doors are particularly popular for fitted dressing room wardrobes as they have a beautiful look and allow for clothes to be neatly stored away out of the reach of dust without impacting the atmosphere of the room.

Want to Get the Design Process Underway?

Here at Neatsmith, we specialise in high-quality bespoke wardrobe designs. All our clients have different design needs to fit their varied lifestyles and we want your wardrobes to fit with and reflect yours. We will work to exceed expectations with every design that we create for you and our design team will oversee your project through to its final completion. If you are looking for your perfect design, get in touch with our team today to get started on your bespoke fitted wardrobe.