Sliding door wardrobes are ideal where space is at a premium but storage needs to be maximised. They can be made to almost any size and almost all doors can be fitted with a soft close mechanism. Our range of sliding door wardrobes is extensive and the options to choose from are many; such as the number of doors, the colours of doors, and the number of panels per door.

Neatsmith manufacture the very best sliding wardrobe doors in the UK. Every door is fitted with 10 wheels to make sure they slide perfectly every time. The mechanism also comes with a lifetime guarantee.


Our Series 1 door comes in all of our curated range of lacquer colours and with a selection of 42 glass colours to choose from as well as Silver, Bronze and Grey mirror.

Your sliding door wardrobe can include up to five panels.

Prices from £1,700 per linear metre.


Available in white, our Boom sliding doors are a simple, clean and functional design that will complete the look of your bedroom.

The look is seamless and sophisticated!

Prices from £1,800 per linear metre.


Based on the Boom door but with panelling detail, the 'Country' design has classic elegance and a choice between two colours; Anthracite or White.

These doors can come up to 4 inserts per door and there is a choice of 42 insert colours and Silver, Bronze and Grey Mirror.

Prices from £2,100 per linear metre without mirrors, from £2,400 with mirrors


Our Cloister doors are unique - they are the only made-to-measure frameless glass sliding wardrobe doors available in the UK. These doors can be up to 2800mm high and 1250mm wide.

All our Cloister wardrobes are finished with 38mm internal shelving as standard.

There are over 40 glass colours to choose from and Silver, Bronze and Grey mirror tones.

Prices from £2,400 per linear metre.


You can have a up to 5 different panels, of varying sizes, in each door.

With 42 glass colours to choose from, as well as 3 mirror tones, you can create a truly unique design.

Prices from £1,500 per linear metre.