To allow you to further enhance and customise your design, Neatsmith has developed a versatile collection of bespoke interior accessories which combines perfectly with a multitude of internal options, designed to make using your new furniture a pleasure.

Neatsmith are very keen to meet every client's needs for user-friendly storage so do discuss your specific needs at the design stage. If you are not sure about the accessories until the wardrobes are installed, many of our bespoke accessories can be installed as finishing touches.

  • Angled Shoe Shelves

    Keep your footwear tidy and protected.
  • Pull-Out Shoe Drawer

    Designed to take both mens' and womens' shoes. The drawers click back into place when finished with.
  • Fixed Shoe Rails

    Keep your shoes at an accessible angle.
  • Drawers

    Available in an array of depths and sizes to suit any need.
  • Drawer Dividers

    Ideal for neat and tidy storage. A great way to display smaller items such as socks and jewellery.
  • Folding Shelf

    Helps folds clothes neatly before putting them away. It discreetly slides away under the cabinet work.
  • Pull-Out Trouser Rack

    Keeping trousers sharp and crease free, making daily choices effortlessly simple
  • Pull-Out Tie & Belt Rack

    Keep your leather and ties in good condition by having it hanging and at an accessible height.
  • Pull-Out Tie Rack

    For easier selection and visibility of your ties, without any other items getting in the way. Holds 32 ties.
  • Laundry Basket

    Collect your washing and keep it out of sight. The washable pouch works on smooth runners for easy access. His and Hers are a popular choice.
  • Tie Bar

    The rail takes up no room at all, incorporate it on one side of an internal space or on the back of a hinged door. Useful for scarves and ties.
  • 5 Hook Rack

    Hang your more delicate pieces of jewellery so they don't get tangled up with each other!.
  • Swivel Hook

    Useful for selecting clothes whilst dressing. It can turn a full 360 degrees.
  • LED Lighting

    Light up your interiors with our LED lighting.
  • Built-In Safe

    The Neatsmith safe can be installed in various positions, adding an extra measure of security. It has all been tested and certified by the LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) and gained insurance approval by the AiS (Association of Insurance Brokers) for £4,000 in cash and £40,000 in valuables.
  • Glass Shelving

    Take your interiors to the next level by incorporating glass shelving.
  • Built-In Cupboard with Lock

    For those personal documents and possessions you want to keep under lock and key.
  • Pull Down Hanging Rail

    Allows you to bring the rail up and down efficiently. Perfect way to make use of hard to reach heights.
  • Swivel Mirror

    Folding away neatly to one side of an internal space, this mirror is forever useful for a full view when getting ready.
  • Internal Mirror

    Mirrors can be installed to the inside of hinged doors or even to the back panel of your wardrobe.
  • Jewellery Inserts

    Our new vegan leather jewellery inserts are the perfect way to store and display all your precious pieces. Watches, rings, earrings – we have the perfect storage solution for you.
  • Glass Topped Drawers

    Turn a drawer into a display case for your favourite accessories with our glass top design, available with inlaid LEDs upon request.
  • Glass Fronted Drawers

    Our beautiful glass fronted drawers are crafted from our curated selection of decorative glasses.
  • Lux Trouser Rack

    This accessory creates a dedicated place to neatly store trousers. With its pull out feature and the ability to remove each rail separately, it's quick to select the ones you need in the morning and to put them away easily in the evening.