The Neatsmith Guide to Designing A Bespoke Dressing Room

It’s surprising how often dressing rooms are overlooked during renovations because, as an area in the home where visitors and guests don’t go, they are not always prioritised. But we think it should be one of the most luxurious rooms in your home as it’s a space you will get to experience and enjoy every day.

When we create a dressing room or wardrobe area, we ensure to not only take the room’s architecture into consideration but to make it feel entirely yours; from colours to fabrics, lighting schemes to seating areas, all finished off with the right accessories to make getting ready that little bit easier, your design will perfectly suit you.

So to help, whether you’ve decided on the space you’re going to use or are still choosing a spare room that could be put to better use as beautiful storage, here is our guide of how to get started.

To find our how to design your perfect dressing room, check out our advice below:

Start with what you need

Dressing rooms are a space that should be truly yours and designed entirely around your needs and design preferences. So firstly, it’s important to decide what you need yours to include and we always recommend that you take a moment to consider the clothes, shoes, and accessories that you will be keeping in your dressing room. Take stock of how much formal wear, casual wear, sleepwear, sportswear, suitcases and sports equipment you have. Perhaps there is something special that you would like on display? This information will help to create the ideal plan for your room and help define the layout, ensuring that you have space for everything you own. If there is anything you no longer wear or use, now is the time to find it a new home to streamline your new dressing room design.

Consider what you would like close at hand and what you would like tidied away

A bespoke dressing room can include a combination of open and closed storage so we recommend you consider what would be best tidied away and what you would like on display. Special items such as shoes, bags and accessories can be displayed on bespoke shelving or in beautifully organised glass-topped drawers. If you’re worried about keeping dust away, pairing glass doors with floor-to-ceiling shoe shelves or bag storage is a great solution without compromising on design.

Be bold

Sometimes extra space can be found by making bold choices such as covering up a window in a small room. Extra light sources can be added to a design later (which we come on to below) and a window might be obstructing what could otherwise be valuable clothes rail space or allow you extra storage for large items.

Furniture Items

Dressing rooms are more than just a storage space. They’re also a place for you to relax and to get ready in the morning, so their design should be about more than just storage. We can help create you a timeless space through considered, made-to-measure furniture choices, including mirrors, dressing tables, central islands, and seating areas. The right furniture to accompany a wardrobe design can transform a dressing room and really bring the space to life making it a place you’ll truly enjoy spending time in.


Once we’ve completed your floor plan, we’ll consider the best way to include lighting in the design. Lighting impacts how you experience your space and elevates the final look. From inlaid LEDs inside doors and drawers to illuminate your special pieces, to plinth lighting along the base of a wardrobe, these all ensure your design is something incredibly special. While it’s an extra investment, we find our clients are always grateful that it’s one they made.

Look to the future

When designing your dressing room, consider not just what you need now but also what you might need in the future – perhaps it’s an additional shelf for future bag or shoe purchases, or additional space for new accessories. If you’re designing a room in summer, don’t forget any warm clothes that have been tucked away until later in the year or vice versa if starting your project in the winter. This will ensure your dressing room fulfils your needs all year round and for years to come.

Ready to Design a Bespoke Dressing Room?

Our team of experts will not only listen to your brief but ensure they truly understand what is needed, ready to take what you’re imagining and bringing it to life in your home. If you’re not entirely settled on what you want, then we can help with that as well. With years of experience behind us, we can help you settle on the perfect ideas for your space, keeping what you want at the centre of our design practice.

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