Why luxury walk-in wardrobes are so popular

A walk-in wardrobe is a special yet important addition for any modern home. Whilst they are known as a luxury item, their convenience, practicality and ability to streamline a house and improve our clients’ experience of their homes every day, makes them something worth investing in.

Our wardrobes can transform as space of almost any size. Not everyone has a spare room to utilise but a wide landing area, alcove space or unused area behind a bed can mean we can create a walk-in wardrobe in places you might not expect. In recent years, we have seen an increase in mini and ‘step-in’ walk-in wardrobes, created in recessed spaces that allow a wardrobe to have extra depth, maximising a clients’ storage potential. Luxury walk-in wardrobes are our speciality and we have spent years perfecting the art of designing and manufacturing these wardrobes here in the UK to ensure that we exceed our client expectations. Our design team look after each project from concept to completion, creating designs that fit your personal tastes, interests, needs and lifestyle.

If you’re considering a walk-in wardrobe, or perhaps not before realised that there might be space in your home to create one, here are our top reasons for their popularity, and how you will benefit from creating one too:

Incredibly Practical

Fundamentally, walk-in wardrobes need to be a practical space enabling your clothes and accessories to be stored correctly. The right internal design for your wardrobe will work specifically for your clothing needs. Long dresses and coats can be accommodated with floor to ceiling spaces, while jeans and jumpers can either be folded onto open shelves or hung on their own specific rails.


An outfit is not complete without shoes and accessories, so why should you have to store them separately? A walk-in wardrobe provides you with a convenient space to keep all your belongings, including shoes and accessories. These tailor-made spaces ensure that every pair of shoes and individual accessory you own has a place in the wardrobe, whether you want them hidden or on display. Shoes can be placed on easy to reach angled shelving and drawers can be divided to stop smaller items getting lost or tangled up. This convenient setup helps you to streamline your morning routine and enables you to get ready in one place.

A Space That’s All Your Own

We spend a lot of time making sure that our homes are beautifully designed and presented for guests to stay but it’s all too easy to forget the spaces we use every day. We think every client deserves a perfectly designed space to enjoy every morning and evening, 365 days of the year. And beyond being a place to store your clothes, walk-in wardrobes are an opportunity for you to choose exactly what you like to complement your style, completely tailoring it to you. Our team of designers love to ensure through a combination of styles, finishes, and fittings that your wardrobe is unlike any other, and perfectly suited to you. Whatever look you might have in mind, we can bring it to life and our free initial in-showroom design consultation will demonstrate that no detail is overlooked.

Beautiful Display

If you have particularly beautiful items of clothing that you love, a walk-in wardrobe will allow your favourite pieces to be enjoyed and admired every day, even when you don’t have the opportunity to wear them. A walk-in wardrobe can be crafted with display in mind, so don’t forget to tell your designer what you’d like to include so it can be incorporated at the heart of your design.


Nothing beats good quality craftsmanship, and we believe you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best quality in your home. This is why luxury walk-in wardrobes are made-to-measure to fit your space specifically, including all the awkward spaces and they are made to fit the requirements of your clothes and possessions. High quality, British design and craftsmanship is the hallmark of our work and that means our wardrobes will look as good and function as well as you’d expect them to. We’re so proud of the work that we do that we offer a market leading warranty and a lifetime guarantee on all the hinges and drawer runners we use and the after sales service will always be there should you need anything.

To speak to a specialist about creating the perfect walk-in wardrobe for your home, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Neatsmith. We have spent 18 years assisting homeowners with the design and installation of their bespoke luxury wardrobes and look forward to helping you make your perfect wardrobe a reality.