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19 Greycaine Road
Watford, , WD24
United Kingdom


Neatsmith creates and installs bespoke, premium storage solutions. Our bespoke wardrobes are designed and crafted in London. We are a family run business, established over ten years ago. Employing a team of dedicated designers and cabinet makers we prioritise innovative design, quality and service.

Maximising a Small Interior Footprint


Maximising a Small Interior Footprint

Demi Neatsmith

Inspiration for clever use of space came in the form of Janet Dunn’s blog for Houzz, 9 Ways to add storage to a small home

A dilemma sure to face many London-livers, Dunn’s clever and insightful blog offers a range of hints, tips and visuals.  She says “when you’re short on floor space, sometimes the only place to go is up...A small footprint,” she says “can mean big storage issues.  With limited floor space, it pays to look up to your ‘air space’.  By thinking vertically, you’ll find a whole world of opportunities and ideas...that find room up high in tight spaces.”

Clever space solutions, according to Dunn, come in many different forms including:

  • Out-of-reach cabinetry.  Dunn suggests building floor to ceiling cabinetry, with the top shelves accessible by a step ladder.  Many items aren't needed day to day and she suggests storing these on the top shelves
  • Embrace the hook, “the hook is the saviour of the spatially challenged.”  Hooks, says Dunn, work in every room, adding heaps of storage and hanging space.  When using several hooks in one room she recommends staggering them so items are kept clear of one another.  Don’t forget the underside of the shelf too
  • Limited outside storage space?  Grow a vertical garden.  “Even a postage-stamp-sized outdoor space offers a chance to try your green fingers,” says Dunn...time to get planting!

To help you make the most of your storage, why not chat to one of our designers today?