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19 Greycaine Road
Watford, , WD24
United Kingdom


Neatsmith creates and installs bespoke, premium storage solutions. Our bespoke wardrobes are designed and crafted in London. We are a family run business, established over ten years ago. Employing a team of dedicated designers and cabinet makers we prioritise innovative design, quality and service.

Are you heading for a clutter crisis?


Are you heading for a clutter crisis?

Demi Neatsmith

We’re all familiar with the spring clean routine but did you know that too much clutter can lead to stress?  If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the excess of ‘stuff’ you might be heading towards what author and trend forecaster James Wallman calls a ‘clutter crisis.’ 

In his book Stuffocation:  Living More With Less he says:  “Do clothes pop out of drawers when you open them as though they’re trying to get some air?  Do you wish that a clutter fairy would show up and organise everything for you, figuring out what you really need and getting rid of the rest?  ...If so, you are suffering from stuffocation – too much stuff.”

If you’ve reached stuffocation point it might be time to have a total overhaul and re-think your storage solutions to maximise clever use of space.  The key is to remove emotion from the process and think practically.  Wallman advises:  “Know your stuff – ask yourself how often do I use my possessions, how much stuff do I really need, do my things give me experiences and make me happy or are they bringing hassle, debt, stress and depression?”   

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