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19 Greycaine Road
Watford, , WD24
United Kingdom


Neatsmith creates and installs bespoke, premium storage solutions. Our bespoke wardrobes are designed and crafted in London. We are a family run business, established over ten years ago. Employing a team of dedicated designers and cabinet makers we prioritise innovative design, quality and service.




Demi Neatsmith

Home renovations can be stressful at the best of times, so a helping hand can make a big difference.  Offering great design advice as well as handy hints and tips on everything from making the most of colour to a clever use of space, we've consulted our favourite interiors experts at Elle Decoration to give you a fantastic overview of recommended interiors apps.  Perfect for helping with home renovations. 


This clever technology enables its devices to sense movement.  ihandy Carpenter functions as a spirit level, surface level, plumb line, protractor and ruler.  To use your iPhone as a spirit level, balance it on a surface, slide it along a wall totake a ruler measurement... the results are far better than you could ever hope to achieve by eye


This is an addictive mix of before and after room makeovers, interviews, pictures of the world’s most stylish homes, and DIY projects, created by American blogger Grace Bonney as a spin-off from her hugely popular website,  ...A fabulous resource to explore when you have five minutes to spare


A practical, time-saving tool that allows you to add measurements to a photo of a room.  Simply snap a few nice shots of your space, then overlay its dimensions on top of the image using the app’s zoom-able functions


A 3D room planner aimed at interiors professionals.  Design, build and furnish a space in 2D, before exploring it in 3D.  Sketch a floor plan with your finger and drop in elements such as windows, doors and fireplaces.  Finally, populate the space with furniture (Roomle’s library of objects includes everything from bins to chaise longue)...Very easy to use


Loved by architects, designers and estate agents, this app measures the amount of natural light a room receives and tells you how it will change during the day and with the seasons.  It shows its direction at hourly intervals, as well as rise and set times....Illuminating – quite literally – and essential when hanging artwork or deciding where to place a computer in a home office.  Take it with you on house viewings and you’ll get an accurate impression of a room’s light potential even on overcast days


This app allows you to virtually paint the walls of your home.  To use it point your camera at a wall, pick a colour from Dulux’s palette and the screen image of the wall turns that colour... takes the guesswork out of choosing a colour scheme 

Do you have a favourite interiors app? Let us now your recommendations.