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19 Greycaine Road
Watford, , WD24
United Kingdom


Neatsmith creates and installs bespoke, premium storage solutions. Our bespoke wardrobes are designed and crafted in London. We are a family run business, established over ten years ago. Employing a team of dedicated designers and cabinet makers we prioritise innovative design, quality and service.



Matthew Wood

Here at Neatsmith we like to plan a wardrobe design which suits each client down to how they live and what they need to store. Seeing what can be achieved in the showrooms and talking to our experienced showroom teams produces a clear blueprint for a client’s unique wardrobe design. But what of those small extras we can supply? Small they may be, but drawer dividers and hanging hooks really have their place if you like your home life to run smoothly. 

What’s so special about drawer dividers?

They are THE answer to messy underwear or sock drawers where you can’t see what you have and everything gets into a muddle as you pick and choose what to wear. There is nothing like a bit of compartmentalisation for making life easier especial when putting clean laundry away. A place for everything and everything in its place. Random socks are a thing of the past.What’s more, at Neatsmith drawer dividers are made out of linen veneer for a smart experience every time you use the drawer.


I’ve never heard of a folding shelf. Is it a novelty idea ?

It’s one of the smartest accessories you could add to your wardrobe and just sits quietly underneath a shelf until you need it.  When you’ve finished with a sweater or want to put fresh laundry away, pull out the drawer and fold away. It’s a real pleasure to use. Once you have one, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.


A hanger knob is a knob, isn’t it ? 

Well yes, but how many of us think about installing one into a wardrobe. The hanger knob makes selecting what you want to wear easier and for those of you who like to prepare what you are wearing the next day the night before, it’s the perfect accessory as your clothes are ready ,waiting and selected first thing in the morning.


A  pullout tie rack.  What’s the attraction?

There are those men who like to roll their ties to store them and that’s where the drawer divider comes into its own again. For the men who like to hang their tie selection the pullout tie rack is an essential accessory. We know some of our clients keep their ties knotted ready for use and the tie rack is the perfect place to set them out.It makes selecting from a choice much easier and favourite ties don’t get forgotten.


Mini display rail. do I really need one ?

This is a clever device which can be placed on the inside of hinged door  or to the  inside  of the wardrobe. Women love it for jewellery  as everything stays untangled and pristine, men move to for scarves and ties.


So, they may be small accessories, but each one makes getting dressed in the morning and get ready for bed in the evening much more pleasurable and organised. It’s that simple.