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19 Greycaine Road
Watford, , WD24
United Kingdom


Neatsmith creates and installs bespoke, premium storage solutions. Our bespoke wardrobes are designed and crafted in London. We are a family run business, established over ten years ago. Employing a team of dedicated designers and cabinet makers we prioritise innovative design, quality and service.



Matthew Wood

It goes without saying that hanging clothes properly in a smart wardrobe prolongs the life of clothes.

But, what can you do to prolong the life of your favourite pieces ?

1. Use Good Hangers

Always use good hangers. Wooden hangers are best. Don’t hang knitted garments from the shoulders. They’ll slowly become misshapen and take on the look of the hanger.


2. Hanging or Folding - Do it right

Invest in skirt and trouser hangers or have trouser hangers installed in your wardrobe from the start. A Neatsmith pullout folding shelf as part of your wardrobe design encourages sweaters to be folded and stored neatly.


3. Don't over wear

Avoid wearing out a few things by ringing the changes throughout your week and this particularly refers to shoes and boots- give them a rest with shoe trees to bring them back into shape and shoe drawers encourage looking after shoes.


4. Make room

Give your clothes room to hang in your day-to-day wardrobe. Out of season suits , coats and jackets are better zipped up into breathable bags and stored away in another cupboard.


5. Wash them correctly

Handwash shirts and blouses inside out to protect the fabrics. Avoid mixing jeans with other fabrics as the metal trims and seaming can damage other clothes.

6. Keep the fluff away

Don’t overuse a dryer. Think of all the fluff which gathers in the dryer vent- this has come off your clothes in the process.


7. The suit

Men’s suits can benefit from being hung in a steamy bathroom to refresh the fabric.

8. Avoid the sales

Avoid sales racks. Things you never wear have no longevity at all.

9. Quality, quality, quality

Purchase quality over quantity. A few good pieces will last much longer.